Private Yoga

Radiant Well-Being~~~

Private Yoga for Vibrant Health

with angela caplan E-RYT 500


In private yoga sessions we engage in an age-old approach, calling on classic techniques which, for thousands of years have been proven to provide an authentic experience of Radiant Well-Being: deep connection to self & the journey to vibrant health in every regard.

For more than 3 decades, I have had the privilege of helping seniors, adults, teens, and children alike, experience health & wellness. It has been and continues to be, my total pleasure to do so.

In these sessions, with my support, you will:

  • Clarify your intention (sankalpa) in a serene & sacred space.

  • Fine-tune your body's alignment (asana) & let go of old, limiting movement patterns for ultimate freedom in breath (pranayama) & harmony in body, mind & heart.

  • Experience quietude with visualization (dharana) & meditation (dhyana). Release overall stress. Dissolve contracting belief patterns and mental clutter. Rest deeply.

Your intention may be to manage back pain and you will discover, to your surprise, that you have also found mental clarity, emotional balance & creative impulse. The path of yoga is dynamic & the goal, attainable. May your journey be fulfilling and joyful!



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$70. per hour

$60.  for two or more sessions

Semi-private sessions: 2-3 people/$25. ea per hr.

Sliding Scale rate available upon request



Thank you for your TESTIMONIALS:

Angela is an inspired and inspiring yoga therapist. She truly has a Third Eye when it comes observing and identifying anatomical variations and physical issues. In her regular classes, she brings that awareness into guiding each student into adaptations for her/his body. but it is more than well worth taking a private yoga therapy session (or many!) for the individual attention Angela can apply. In a one-on-one session, I have found that Angela can really help me correct faulty alignment and "open up tight spaces" (Angela's words, but it happens!). Over the course of just an hour, I notice a significant difference, both physically and - this is key - in terms of my mental awareness of my body overall and specific parts. Furthermore, I walk away* with a menu of asanas, exercises and relaxation techniques that I can incorporate into my own home practice and self-therapy sessions. What a great investment.    ~J.K. - Professor Tha


Four years ago I received the devastating diagnosis that I had breast cancer. Following my surgery and radiation, I looked for alternative and complementary approaches to help in my healing journey. One such method was creative imagery. Through imagery in private sessions with Angela I felt showered by an immense feeling of peace and sense of healing. Yoga is a blessing in my life.
~ A. B. retired executive


"Angela has been a most resourceful and perceptive yoga instructor for my yoga practice. The space she holds during our sessions feels sacred and safe. I have gained wonderful insights during our private sessions."
~ S.C. acupuncturist

Working with Angela was a huge treat! She is patient and encouraging, making yoga extremely accessible. My session with her was insightful into the way my body moves. She worked with me to find what poses worked best for my person. We worked on solutions for coping with stress and how to center yourself. With this knowledge I was able to better grasp how my body was reacting to certain situations within my life. And I feel I am more capable of understanding how to release the tension I hold onto. I am so grateful for her sharing here knowledge and caring heart!
~ M. R. college student


"My work with Angela afforded me the opportunity to use yoga as part of my functional rehabilitation following an injury. Moreover, what I learned from Angela and then practiced positively informed my on-going practice." 
~ D. R. professor