Class Descriptions

Beginning level

These classes lay a foundation for the fundamentals of Yoga including basic yoga poses with an emphasis on health enhancing alignment and breathing.

Gentle beginner 

These classes support students who need a gentler practice due to physical limitations and therapeutic needs, or just enjoy taking it a bit easy.

Level I 

These classes build on the basic essentials of a yoga practice, where the student is taken a step further in imbibing the principles of alignment and form and in cultivating a steady home practice.

Mixed Level

Designed for those seeking a well-balanced array of poses with variations that are suitable for all levels* of students, along with some fun challenges.  * Beginning students are encouraged to participate in Beginning or Level I classes.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation*

With the use of yoga props-blankets and bolsters, the student discovers a practice that refreshes, renews and deeply relaxes the body, nervous system and mind.  Guidance for cultivating a meditation practice is included.                   *Offered on the last Thursday 5:00 class of each month.  All welcome.


Mindful Movement & Chair Yoga

This class is offered to seniors and anyone who may have a more limited range of movement.  The use of a chair safely creates increased stability and enhanced balance while experiencing a full range of basic yoga poses.

Bodymind Ballwork

Bodymind Ballwork is a practical and effective method of self-care using rubber balls of varying sizes and textures to release tight muscles, ease tension in specific areas of the body, and increase awareness and energy flow. In this class you will learn ballwork basics and explore specialized techniques.  All welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

A class that includes energetic sequences of poses coordinated with the flow of your breath.  Not recommended for beginning students.

Private Yoga

Designed to enhance one's personal practice with tailor-made specifics. Especially useful for performers, athletes and anyone seeking individualized instruction. For more information click here.