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                              THE NATURE of DIVINE LOVE                                                    

A Weekend Retreat of Yoga Philosophy and Practice

          with William K. Mahony, PhD.              September 8, 9, 10   2017

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    Heart-centered spiritual practices can open us to the experience love: for the world, for others, for ourselves, for life itself, for divinity. The complexities and possibilities of life’s journey give us an opportunity to strengthen, deepen and clarify this love.  In this weekend retreat we will reflect together on that nature of a divine Love that is the true foundation of life and that can stand as the basis of a deep yogic practice.                                                                                                                                   Bill returns to Shakti Yoga for this weekend retreat to guide us in reflecting in a contemplative manner on the nature of Love and on ways yogic practice can open our hearts to it.  As a way to focus our satsang, we will study selected passages from the Narada Bhakti Sutra, a 10th-century text from India.  We will be guided on the nature of spiritual love, and talk together about how we bring its perspective to our contemporary lives as yogis and yoginis.      

       *Angela Caplan, Jacki McCausland and Ruth Ann Polito will help us integrate mind, heart and body by leading us in hatha yoga stretches and asana sessions oriented toward the experience and expression of Love.                                                        *Our retreat will include periods for practice of meditation and there will be time to enjoy the beauty and quiet that envelops Sweet Briar.